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Already a certified diver and looking for your next adventure? Look no further. Cape Town has an incredible variety of dive sites that offer a world-class diving experience. From shallow kelp forests to diving with sharks in the deep, at Capensis we are passionate about exploring all of the underwater wonders Cape Town has to offer.

Shore Diving.

Explore the Shores

Explore a variety of shallow dive sites that strech along the shoreline of the Cape Peninsula. Led by a trusty guide, you will get to opportunity to choose from a range of unique sites situated in the vicinity of Simonstown - including Kelp forests, Scattered shipwrecks & open sandy flats.

Snorkelling with a Marine Biologist

Ever wondered which creatures call False Bay their home? Join passionate Marine Biologist, Danel Wentzel, for a guided snorkel and learn all about the various life forms that inhabit our shoreline. Learn how to find and identify different species as well as gain an understanding of the interactions between the organisms that drive our thriving Kelp  ecosystem.

Boat Expeditions.

Explore Deeper Sites

Thousands of shipwrecks litter the waters surrounding the Cape. With majority of wrecks laying between 12m - 40m it provides the opportunity for divers with all qualification levels to experience the vast abundance of life that it hosts as well as the beauty of the Rocky Reefs surrounding them.

Scuba with Cape Fur Seals

Enjoy a fun and interactive performance put on by our friendly Cape Fur Seals at Partridge Point. Let a guide help you come face-to-face with the Kelp forest's friendliest resident while also diving over deeper sections of prestine reef, giant sea fans and swim-throughs.

Blue & Mako Sharks

The South African coastline is a hotspot for shark activity. Join us as we venture off the coast towards the open seas to find and dive with friendly Blue sharks and curious Mako's. Expect clear and warm water as we enter the Agulhas stream on this full day excursion. 

Ocean Safari

See Cape Point from a different perspective and cruise along the beautiful cliffs of the Cape Peninsula. Visit the infamous Roman Lighthouse and keep an eye out for whales, dolphins, penguins, orcas and pelagic seabirds.

Dive Packages.

Two Is Better Than One

Why do just one dive when you can do two? This incredible package offers a private guided dive experience. Choose between seals, wreck, rocky reef or kelp forest and be amazed by the world beneath the waves (Max. 2 people).

The More The Merrier

Bring your friends and share the stoke! Get discounts on leaded shore dives with a group of 5 or more divers.  Book a single dive for R350 pp or book two shore dives and pay only R600 for both.