Diving Courses

Never dived before? Are you keen to further your diving journey? No matter what we’ve got you covered with our wide variety of courses from Open Water to Digital Underwater Photography specialities. 

First Time Underwater.

First breaths Underwater

On holiday? Looking for adventure? or are you thinking of starting your Scuba journey? The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is the perfect introduction to the world beneath the waves. Experience weightlessness and breathing underwater while seeing all the beauty that Cape Town’s Two Oceans has to offer. 

Buddy up and Explore

Experience the feeling of breathing underwater, while exploring the life beneath the waves. Learn how to control your buoyancy, fly through kelp forests and plan your own dives with confidence. The PADI Open Water course enables you to dive anywhere in the world down to 18m deep. 

Certified Divers.

Continue the Adventure

There will always be more to learn and discover on your journey as a scuba diver. Choosing 5 unique adventure dives, exploring the new depths, wrecks and skills while under the close guidance of an experienced instructor. 

The PADI Advanced course provides you with more experience underwater and enables you to reach new dive sites down to 30m. 

Brushing up on skills

If you haven’t been scuba diving in a while, be it over 6 months or a couple of years then it is required for PADI Divers to complete a scuba diving refresher with an instructor so that we can get you back into the ocean, as soon as possible, and relive those memorable experiences you had underwater. 

Our scuba diving Refresher helps you practice key diving skills like mask clearing and neutral buoyancy in confined open water with an instructor before diving deeper and exploring. 

“If your eye is a window to your soul, then your camera surely is a doorway to your heart.” 

– Stephen Jeremy Maxwell Bray

Underwater Photography.

Know your camera the way a painter knows his brushes. Learn how to manipulate light, depth of field and composition in a way that enables you to go beyond simply capturing underwater snapshots. Capture behaviour, light and emotion.

My selection of underwater photography courses are designed to give a complete hands-on training in underwater photography and provide the fundamentals on how to capture great underwater images on every dive.

The Beginners Guide to 

Underwater Photography

This course is for those who are interested in learning their way around their own underwater camera, the basics of photography, underwater camera equipment and how to overcome the challenges we face when shooting underwater. 

The Complete Guide to 

Underwater Photography

Share your experience, your connection, your passion through photography. Re-imagine how you can take your idea of a photo and turn it into a beautiful image by purely understanding simple photography techniques, learning more about your underwater camera’s capabilities and realising the power of post-editing with Adobe Lightroom. 

Dry Courses.

EFR First Aid

All divers are trained with safety in mind by always diving conservatively and following buddy procedures. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and being prepared in the case of a medical emergency can make the difference that saves someone’s life. Learning and practicing fundamental first aid skills will build on your confidence and willingness to help others in life-threatening situations. 

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” 

— Jacques Cousteau