Need some vitamin sea?

These salty tunes are just what the doctor ordered.

30 May 2020

By Danel Wentzel

Like fish out of the water we are longing for the feel of the ocean.

If you are in the same boat as me, South Africa has been in lockdown for over 60 days - meaning over 60 days spent away from my blue ocean home. But instead of sitting around waiting for better days to come I have decided to start making changes for the better. Rather than looking at this as "the earth sending us to our rooms" we can look at this as a gift, opening up new opportunities for us to grow as a people.

Whether it's by sticking to a daily exercise schedule, making healthy eating habits or taking this time to complete online courses and expanding our skills. I truly believe that we can all come out of this lockdown as more open minded, overall better people.

But until we can feel the ocean's embrace, again, and frolic in the salty waves, here are some songs to listen to, that will sure have you reminiscing about days spent in the big blue.