Underwater Photography.

Know your camera the way a painter knows his brushes. Learn how to manipulate light, depth of field and composition in a way that enables you to go beyond simply capturing underwater snapshots. Capture behaviour, light and emotion.

Our selection of underwater photography courses are designed to give a complete hands- on training in underwater photography and provide the fundamentals on how to capture great underwater images on every dive.

What we offer:

Share the Underwater World

This course is for those who are interested in learning their way around their own underwater camera, the basics of photography, underwater camera equipment and how to overcome the challenges we face when shooting underwater.

The Complete Guide to

Underwater Photography

Share your experience, your connection, your passion through photography. Re-imagine how you can take your idea of a photo and turn it into a beautiful image by purely understanding simple photography techniques, learning more about your underwater camera’s capabilities and realising the power of post-editing with Adobe Lightroom.